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2023 is all about getting up close and personal

One on One engagement

Personalising your demand generation activity has never been so important to build better relationships with customers. It creates a solid emotional connection, boosts conversion rates and ultimately encourages advocacy.

Whether B2B or B2C, relevant content, delivered at the right time, in the right place has never been truer. With the proliferation of channels, the ease of which new competitors can appear in the market or how competitors can simply replicate your offer, it’s imperative that your marketing differentiation comes from the way you interact with your customers.

It's all about being up close and personal.

Social media for selling and customer experience

As social media plays an ever more important role in the majority of our lives, brands, whether B2B or B2C, should use social media at some stage of the buying process.


Selling in social is fast becoming the chosen route to market by many consumer brands and many B2B organisations are now starting to use social for either customer experience and/or customer service. As an example, according to LinkedIn’s latest social selling report, 62% of B2B consumers respond to salespeople who connect by sharing relevant content and insights.


Again, this is another way for brands to get more up close and personal.


Influencer marketing works a treat


Originally B2C were the primary users of influencer marketing, but now, as with many trends, B2B has also finally recognised the route to market as both engaging and lucrative.


Endorsement has always been a primary driver of business and with influencer marketing not only do you get access to their large number of followers, their market insights and original content, but someone who your customers already trust and admire.


Yet another way for your brand to get up close and personal.


People love video


Without doubt, video content has proved its worth in B2C and more recently in B2B. It’s engaging, informative, experiential and demonstrable. No other type of content bridges the gap between ‘bricks and mortar’ or ‘face-to-face’ like video can.

You can use it in so many ways…on your website or on social media, where you can produce short, cost effective videos to promote your brand or service and at the same time boost your SEO.


It can also be used as part of your customer service strategy to help improve customer experience.

Yet another way to get up close and personal.


Customer trust with a focus on sustainability


Brand trust is key, especially in uncertain economic times like these. Brands need to focus on understanding what drives trust. Clearly communicate through your values and key messages with customers and reinforce at every touchpoint.


Put superior customer experience at the heart of your marketing strategy and as part of that commitment, include a workable sustainability policy that addresses some of the key issues people are concerned about, such as environmental wellness, human health, social equality and fair trade.

Yet another way to get up close and personal.

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